The Birth of Gourmayeats

Gourmayeats is a symbol of my passion for cooking. I wasn’t born into a cooking inclined family; in fact it was the other way round with both my parents too busy to cook. But, I still smell the aromas of appetizing soups, casseroles, and five course meals drifting through our house during Easter, Christmas and thanksgiving; this is when my parents put their soul into cooking and this is how my journey as a cook began.

My first attempt at cooking started when I was a teenager with seasoned potatoes and green beans being my first dish (See recipe here). As a first attempt it turned out to be good and from that moment I knew I had found my calling. My journey as a cook was fraught with trials and errors, but with passion and persistence I learned to mould my own recipes to perfection and the result is Gourmayeats which includes all I learned during my culinary sojourns.

With tips, techniques and ideas for new and advanced cooks alike Gourmayeats is my expression of love for cooking. Focused on preparing gourmet foods this website is dedicated to all gourmet lovers who fancy preparing their own gourmet meals.

Tools Required For Cooking Gourmet Meals

Gourmet cooking sounds sophisticated, expensive and time consuming, but this is a myth which is soon dispelled once you start making your own gourmet meals. There are a few basic tools you will require for making gourmet food; however, these do not have to be exorbitant and fancy for you to achieve your desired results.

Though you do not need to invest a huge amount in these utensils, each gourmet chef’s kitchen should be equipped with the following basic tools; since you can’t carve a chicken, roast a turkey, and grill a sandwich with below average knives and pans.

  • KnivesKnives are the backbone of any cooking. It is best to purchase a few good quality knives according to the meals you will be preparing instead of going for a complete set you will not be using. All you need is a chef’s knife, a bread knife and a paring knife to fulfill your cooking requirements. These might be somewhat expensive and require maintenance; however for giving your food that perfectly carved look and to speed up your cooking process good knives are mandatory.
  • End grain cutting board is another must have for all aspiring chefs. Either opt for one large sized cutting board to meet all your chopping needs, or you could go for a smaller chopping board for fruits and vegetables while a larger board could cater to slicing meat. While purchasing an end grain chopping board you will have to be careful about the wood quality you select. Cherry is my favourite since it is sturdy and blends in well with my kitchen wood work; on the other hand maple is also a wood worth considering.
  • Good quality pots make a world of difference to your cooking. You don’t want your food sticking to the bottom of your pan every time you cook. Avoid purchasing elaborate pot sets with every conceivable pot size, rather invest in a few cooking pots which are appropriate according to your cooking needs. Add a couple of non-stick pans of two varying sizes and a cast iron skillet is another tool which will come in handy for frying, roasting, baking, sautéing , etc.
  • Mixing bowls are an essential ware when it comes to tossing, mixing, blending food and even beating cream. I would suggest selecting 2-3 good quality mixing bowls ranging from large, medium to small. These should be enough to cater to all your mixing and tossing needs.
  • Peelers are tiny objects, but of great value to any kitchen. These inexpensive tools make peeling a breeze for chefs, since not all veggies and fruits can be peeled with a knife. Besides, no one wants to spend twice the time peeling vegetables and fruits when you have a peeler to hasten peeling for you.
  • A large grate box is crucial if your recipes call for shredding cheese, slicing and grating vegetables.  Try to familiarize yourself with all the four sides of a grater box instead of focusing on the shredder with the large holes for shredding cheese. A very handy tool, if you learn how to utilise it to its potential.
  • CheeseA sieve, a mesh strainer and a larger colander belong to the same family of strainers, but each has its own function vital for a chef. If you are into baking a sieve will sift the flour for you, a smaller strainer will help strain liquids, whereas with a colander you can drain pasta, rice and the like.
  • Baking sheets or trays will help you bake rolls, scones, breads etc. Purchase a couple of baking sheets of different sizes and a glass baking dish is also a dishware worth investing in.
  • A two in one blender along with a grinder is my favourite to help me with recipes which call for blending. Besides a grinder is a plus point which comes in handy grinding sugar and spices. Though a grinder is seldom used you could go for a simple blender instead of the combo.

Most of these tools are present in almost every kitchen whose residents are into cooking. However, if you are new to the culinary world it would be wise to take into account all the items you have in your kitchen and purchase only the basics without giving in to the temptation to buying every tool in the market for your kitchen.

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Tips for Gourmet Cooking

Delectable meals are not limited to five star restaurants. Despite what many chefs say about the precision and time dedicated to cook gourmet foods, you can cook scrumptious gourmet meals at home without putting in too much effort. The first few days of cooking gourmet meals will be somewhat taxing but once you get used to experimenting with ingredients and blending them to produce the perfect flavour, you will be able to fix your family and yourself a gourmet dinner every day!

Gourmet Cooking TipsAs a gourmet chef I have tried and tested quite a few methods of cooking and am sharing my tips of creating superb gourmet meals inspite being short of time. Here are three tips by a gourmet lover to make gourmet food in the blink of an eye.

  1. Use leftovers. Instead of disposing off breads, rolls, stocks, soup and meat store them in the freezer after cooling them down using the proper storage procedures. These can be used with other ingredients to prepare a gourmet dinner with the least preparation time involved. Furthermore, another benefit of using leftovers is that your cooking cost goes down since your food doesn’t go waste and you get to utilise every bit of what you purchased.
  2. Following recipes to the core doesn’t ensure a perfect cooked meal. Analyse the ingredients and use them according to your palate till you get a perfect blend of flavours. Keep tasting what you cook in between, adding herbs and spices a bit at a time. You can enhance the flavour by adding more spices but once you put in extra it does become somewhat tricky to fix the taste.
  3. Invest in good quality tools for cooking. Appropriate and good quality tools lessen your cooking time by speeding up your cutting, blending, mixing, and grating processes. Besides, with good pots and pans you don’t have to worry about food burning and sticking to the bottom. This not only spoils the flavour of your food but also adds to your cooking time since you have to change the pot and try to salvage whatever is left.

With some planning and effort you can dish out your very own gourmet dinner every other night, without bothering to pay exorbitant bills at a high rated restaurant.

Gourmet Food Presentation Ideas

All gourmands agree the way gourmet food is presented matters. A great presentation enhances appetite and makes one want to savour the food being served. Hence, the key to gourmet cooking is not only limited to its recipes, the dish in which it is offered including creating interesting patterns with the food served itself distinguishes gourmet meals from the ordinary.

Gourmet Food Presentation IdeasHere are a few presentation ideas to help you arrange your food in a delectable manner fit for a king.

Plates should be according to the meal portions served. Unless your guests are artistically inclined you wouldn’t want to serve a small portion on a huge plate.

The colour, pattern and shape of the plate/dish should match the food you cook. Though most chefs use white plates to create a vibrant effect with food colours, plates with interesting patterns also make a good choice.

Combine two to three colours of food to jazz it up. You can use a dark coloured sauce with roasted chicken and add some green vegetables to the plate to make it look dazzling. However, don’t overdo with the colours since no one likes a burst of rainbow on their plate.

Food shape also matters during presentation. Combine different shapes such as serving meat balls with whipped potatoes instead of steamed whole potatoes is a better choice.

Whenever serving food keep various flavours in mind. Though they are not visually apparent serving food with flavour which doesn’t blend does seem odd.

Though presentation is an integral part of gourmet cooking don’t spend too much time arranging the food lest dishes which have to be served warm become cold and your guests keep waiting for food. Hope these tips help you present great gourmet food, good luck with your cooking and bon appetite.